Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unreal Audio Implementation Example

This was a project of mine where I implemented sound for the player actions, background ambiences and stingers, along with sounds for all of the non player objects in the level (i.e waterfall, river, torches). I apologize for the video lag but the main focus should be the audio.

Audio Post Example

This is an example of a trailer from the movie Astroboy that I re-posted the audio for. This was part of a school project, so I had Full Sail's facilities and sound libraries at my disposal. I utilized Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools HD a Digidesign Icon and my personal computer to post the audio for this project. Having all of these resources helped me to become more adept at using all of the programs and hardware. Among many of the challenges I faced was the fact that in a post situation using animation, all of the audio is left up to the creativity of the sound designer. This was also my favorite part of posting audio to animation. I was really able to go overboard with a lot of the sounds and give it a really exciting feel, all the while trying to keep the audio relatable so the hypothetical audience would still feel a connection to what they were hearing.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Billie Jean String arrangement."> Billie Jean String Arrangement by TumaySound

This is a string arrangement I did as project for the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Below is the first 5 pages of the sheet music that I created in Sibelius. Enjoy!